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Topdressing Specials

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Super Compost - Tri Compost

Blend of horse manure compost, wood compost, and mushroom compost.

Great for fertilization due to blend of both high nitrogen and slow release components.

Turn depleted or clay soil into rich organic high producing soil. 

Great for top dressing or mulching flower or garden beds. 


Premium Garden Mix

Our very best stuff.

Perfect for gardens.

A mixture of horse manure compost, mushroom compost, wood compost, topsoil, and mason sand.

houston premium garden mix  - premium garden mix Houston


Rose Mix

Blend of pine, compost, & sand with nutrient package.

Keeps roses from becoming too dry to too wet.

Perfect for plants that enjoy an acidic environment.


Mushroom Compost

Intended to be mixed into existing soil.

Outstanding soil enhancer in new and existing gardens, especially vegetable gardens.

Can also be used as an organic matter source for making compost blends.

Because mushroom compost acts like a strong fertilizer, care needs to be taken when being utilized in any application to ensure optimum performance.


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